The burger you want but don’t deserve.

Origin Story

When I was young, I used to bite things. My friends, my cat, even my trampoline. One day the spring broke and hit me right in the mouth-it bit me back. This was the tipping point. From the moment I didn’t want to bite anything that didn’t have a kick to it. Now, many years later I make burgers and those burgers bite back.

Our Vision

To bring the bite back to the people. For too long burger purveyors have dished up bland and uninspiring burgers.

It is our goal to right the wrongs of our peers and give the people what they deserve. Despite the fact you don’t deserve these amazing burgers.

Things We Believe In

  • Bringing bite to the people.
  • Skating transition without knowing how to kickflip.
  • Cooking chicken in a pot too small and burning your cousins house down.
  • Leprechauns, that gold, getting’ paid, retiring on that heap of gold.

Our Locations

We partner with restaurant operators and co-share their kitchen to deliver burgers with bite across the country, with physical sites to open once we enviably get kicked out for being too awesome.



Our Locations